Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Section 3: Post A

2 Vocabulary

1. Echocardiogram (138) - an instrument employing reflected ultrasonic waves to examine the structures and functioning of the heart.
2. Neurophysiologist (149) - the branch of physiology that studies how the nervous system functions

1 Significant Quote

“Through a space between the window and the shade he has watched her on and off for months, watched her pace and cry and pull out her hair.” (128 -129)

To someone who is reading this quote without having read the book so far, this quote might seem a little dull and of no importance. But really, this quote means much more. A technique that this writer uses is very interesting. She likes to give the reader a little preview about what is to come and give it in a different perspective. This quote for example, is describing the stalker that has been watching this woman for months now. He knows a very unusual amount of information about her and is a very shady character. This technique has been used throughout the book and all of them have turned our to be events that change the course of the book.

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