Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Section 5: Post B

During this section many small but important events happen. Some ground-breaking news surrounding the murdered tennis player emerges. They start to unravel the facts that have to deal with the events that led up to her murder. The investigators believe that she was unconcious the whole time, while Scarpetta believes that she was awake the whole time. The evidence again goes back to the fact that she still had a blood alcohol level which suggests that she was drinking just before her death. While this argument continues, something very dramatic occurs. Marino tries to commit suicide. He does this by attempting to overdose on oxycodone. Scarpetta catches him before the damage is done, but the affects of his decision are very evident. He is questioned and denies that his intent was to kill himself. His story says that he only took two more than normal and that he had pain in his knee is why he took it. Scarpetts doesn't buy it and sends him to the EMT. Because of this incident, he is taken of the case. Unfortunately for the others on the case, he holds very important knowledge that could possibly lead to solving the case. Since he is off the case, the team is dramatically set back and needs to somehow recover from this. It is going to be hard since they are short handed, but hopefully, another break-through will come soon. 

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