Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Section 3: Post B

During this section of the book, a very important event occurs. The author cuts into the story line and breaks off into this event happening in a beach house. Although we have no idea who this woman is or this mysterious man named Will is, all we know is that this event is very important. While this woman is watching a movie, the author describes a man, standing outside her window. He is watching her and has been for many months. He knows her routine every move she is going to make. He knows this for two reasons. One, he has been stalking her outside her own house for many months, and two, because she does the same thing over and over again every night. The one key passage throughout this series of events is when she forgets the alarm is set and sets it off. Of course the cops com because her alarm went off and she tells them that she has forgotten the code because of how drunk she is. Will, who is hiding in the bushes right next to the door, hears every word she says. She tells the cops she remembered the code and that it is buttermilk. Now, the man who has been stalking her has the code to get into her house. By this section I can now predict the future events in this book. The scenes in the book where the author cuts into the action with a mysterious set of events like this, have always been vital to the rest of the plot.

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