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Section 2: 10 Loaded Words, Summary, and Reaction

10 Loaded Words: (+ positive reaction, - negative readtion)

Unblessed pg. 50 (-) This had a negative reaction because the word unblessed gives readers the impression that whoever is unblessed is either unwanted or hated.
Orphan pg. 61 (-) This had a negative reaction because to me, orphan is a harsh word. Although it could be replaced be other words much worse I still believe it has a negative reaction due to the context.
Tie-Dye People pg. 63 (-) To me, this has a negative reaction. It sounds like a stereotype instead of the word hippie. It sounds like he is referring to them as different people.
Spectacular pg. 67 (+) To me, this is a word that has more power to it than cool, or fun. This word is loaded because it has more “weight” then other words.
Ridiculous Beauty pg. 67 (+) When I read these words, I immediately wrote it down as a loaded word. It really gives the reader a positive reaction. More so than something like pretty, or good looking.
Dashing Doubt pg 68 (+) In the context that these words are in, it describes taking away the doubt that people have. People read these words and, like it says, do not doubt what the writer is trying to say.
Flawless pg. 68 (+) This word describes the perfection of their talent. If something is flawless, nothing can go wrong, which to me as the reader means it is loaded.
Perfect F***ing Machine pg. 68 (+) Although this has a swear word in it, I think that adds to how loaded the word is. It describes what he wishes to be like, and there could be so many other ways to describe it, but none would have this much effect.
Professional pg. 69 (+) To me, a professional is someone who has mastered what they do. The be able to call yourself a professional, it takes time, and a lot of effort.
Senior Citizen pg. 69 (-) If I were old enough to classify in this category, I would truly dislike it, for the reason that it’s like being separated from the rest of society. This is why I think that this is a loaded word with a negative reaction.

Section 2 Summary

In section 2, not many important things happened in the few pages that were included in this part. He and Toph spent most of the section in the car, on the way to the beach. They tried to go to a nude beach but it would have cost them 10 dollars each. They eventually made their way to a regular beach. They showcase their athletic ability to eachother, and think of themselves as "professoinals." During this ride, he and Toph play games and sing, although they both don't know most of the words.


In this section, I think the events that occured were a set up for the sections to come. Becuase of the uneventful happenings is why I believe it is a set up section. As of what I think of the book, right now it's kinda boring but from what I have heard from others that have read this book, I am sure that it will only get better. (hopefully)

Section 1 Page by Page Summary and Reaction

1. The boy has been in the bathroom for 15 minutes.
2. His mom has been in that same chair, not getting up, for weeks, spitting up green fluid into a bucket.
3. His mom can talk. The doctors took out her stomach 6 months ago.
4. (Flashback) The removal of the cancerous stomach and how it was done.
5. She has a nosebleed. The cancer prevents the blood from clotting.
6. Describes the family’s house/decorations.
7. There is a fish tank in the fireplace. The fathers says, “Hey, hey!” all the time. Describes more of the living room.
8. The house gets little sun; the family is together for Christmas.
9. They watch American Gladiators with suspense.
10. The mom stays awake all evening. All the fish in the tank are dead.
11. Her nose begins to bleed again, which is dangerous.
12. (Flashback) Father is kneeling. (Present) They are still trying to get the blood to stop.
13. The kids promise never to bring mom back to the hospital.
14. He has visions of killing people. Her nose it still bleeding.
15. The mom is known around the town for her kindness to kids.
16. She is a tough person; he remembers the picture by the T.V.
17. The nosebleed continues once again.
18. Toph, his little brother, is hungry, the bleeding continues and her nose is turning purple.
19. He calls the nurse; she says to put ice on it. He does what she says.
20. (Flashback) Dad is kneeling, now he is spitting up blood.
21. Beth, his sister, comes home from her workout. She says that she has tried to use ice before.
22. (Flashback) Father is telling the kids that their mom is going to die. (Present) Her nose is still bleeding.
23. Toph is still hungry; they debate on taking mom to the hospital.
24. He and his sister talk about whether or not their mom is ready to die and how long it will take.
25. Many things go through his head: who to call if she dies, he says lots of “f” bombs.
26. He is arguing with himself about what he should do with his mom.
27. Beth argues with her mom if they should go to the hospital or not.
28. Everyone starts arguing about whether they should take her in or not.
29. (Flashback) His father is falling. His mom is running to him. (Present) They decide to take mom to the hospital.
30. He gets Toph ready and attempts to carry mom to the car.
31. They finally get her in the car.
32. They are off to the hospital.
33. (Flashback) His father’s funeral. Many guest come to the house.
34. Friends and family come to their home.
35. Les, an old friend of their fathers, tells stories about their dad.
36. (Flashback) Their dad is smoking in the emergency room during his stay there. (Present) They sleep at the hospital with their mom.
37. (Flashback) He and his girlfriend get together.
38. (Flashback) He and his girlfriend are in a closet together. (Present) He and his sister forget that it’s their mom’s birthday.
39. They debate on what to get her for her birthday.
40. Mom has had many bad wigs; she finally has real hair now.
41. (Flashback) His father denies his last rights by the priest. (Present) They promise their mom that they will get her out of there no matter what.
42. He has visions of when/if they sneak their mom out and who will come and what is going to happen.
43. More visions of what will happen to them in the future.
44. Even more visions of the future. His mother stirs in the bed and he says happy birthday. She is still asleep.
45. Toph wakes up, he sits and waits for his mom to wake up.


So far in this book, many things have stuck me as "odd." He keeps having these flashbacks in the middle of the page. They usually go back to when he dad was alive. To me these are just something in the book that confuse me even more. Other than that I have reall enjoyed this book so far. He seems to be the kind of person that is very family orrientated. Because of the "jumping around" I can't really predict what will happen next in the book, which to me is a good thing. The language used in this book just tells me how serious he is about what happened in his life. To me it is not distracting but a feature that adds to the book.

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This I Believe Assignment

1. A link to the essay

2. Author

Betsy Woods

3. Title

The Best Way to Learn is to Teach

4. One sentence of what the belief is

She believes in the power of teaching and the effects that it can have. on her and the students she teaches.

5. 2 examples from the story that showed their belief

1. It’s a wonderful truth that of all relationships, the one between teacher and the student is truly symbiotic.

2. On a daily basis, I learn as much from my students as I try to impart to them, and this is why I continue to teach. My motivations are selfish, and so be it. It’s still a tandem ride, this learning and teaching, and on any given day I find myself leading and following, following and leading.

6. 1 favorite passage

When you are put in charge of 25 students for 50 minutes a day, you feel compelled to give them the best you can, to prepare for their onslaught of questions, and to relate their lives to your lesson.

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The thing that I am most anxious about during my first year at Edina High School is meeting new friends. Although venturing about of my “normal” friend group is extremely hard, I think that high school is all about new experiences anyways. New friends mean new experiences that you might not get the chance to do with other friends. Some may share different interests with you than others. To me, high school is all about the friendships that are created.

One goal for my sophomore year is to enjoy the year as much as possible. This includes getting good grades, making new friends, going to dances, and just experiencing our very few years of high school that we have. Getting good grades takes the pressure away that bad grades can bring, making new friends opens up many new opportunities, and going to dances is just another part of what high school is about.

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