Thursday, November 29, 2007

Debate Blog

Teacher and student about late assignment.
· Occur usually in a classroom
· Purpose: To receive credit for an assignment
· Does not help to arrive at a better decision usually
· Unstructured
· Makes you complete assignments on time

Court Case
Occur in a court room
Purpose: To convict someone or to receive a payment
Usually helps to arrive at a better decision
Effects decision making process because there is a judge

With Parents
· Occurs usually on the phone or in your house
· Purpose: To receive something, go somewhere, or get out of something
· Does not usually help you reach a better decision
· Unstructured
· Decisions are made less in favor of you when the debate continues

With Friends
· Occurs many places: school, home, ect. . .
· Purpose: To convince them of something or to get your way
· Can go either way with the decision
· Unstructured
· Decisions are up to you or your friend

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Section 2: Post B

The second section of the book is focused on the mysterious man that enters the plot. While the employees at the morgue are experiencing a normal day, a very suspicious looking man walks into the room. He appears to have recently experienced a brutal attack by the looks of the vast amounts of scars on his arms, hands, and legs. Although he based the background check, he still gives me as the reader a very uneasy feeling. The thing that made that uneasy feeling turn into reality was when he described in detail where Scarpetta lives. According to his story, he used to work for the family that lived there. Also, this man was the one who discovered the murdered boy in the water. Even though he says that he has nothing to do with it, he is a very shady looking man. Another reason why this man could be potentially bad is that he has been to jail for possession. The story that he tells says that he was going to smoke marijuana and some random person came up from behind him and slashed him with a knife over and over. When he tells this story to the investigators they don’t quite buy it. One reason is that they never found the marijuana and the second is that he has way too many scars to have been attacked without defending. In my opinion, I think that this man has a lot more to do with the story than he appears to.

Section 1: Post B

Throughout the first section, many important details were brought to the reader’s attention. The first section of the book was setting the plot and establishing the setting. A mysterious murder has struck the world. A very famous and publicized tennis player was suddenly murdered. Along with the many other cases that are pilling up on Scarpetta’s desk, this one seems to be the most important. The killer seems to have a very well known sense of what he is doing. The contents in her stomach seem to be only partially digested which lead the detectives to believe that she was recently killed. Also, her blood alcohol level was still very high. The killer planned both of these situations out. The stress that he imposed on her caused the food in her stomach to not digest. Also, he forced her to drink with him which kept her alcohol level consistent. “‘So he forced her to drink alcohol, perhaps all afternoon, all night, and into the early morning, and she was so frightened her food didn’t digest? That’s what you’re offering us as a possible explanation?’” (pg. 14). This quote explains everything that was planned out. The killer is very smart and definitely knows what he/she is doing. Another key part to the section was the marriage that Scarpetta experienced. Although she had been seeing the guy for some time, they recently got married. This may influence her decision making and although she is a professional, it may fog her mind.

Section 2: Post A

2 Vocabulary Words

1. Subsequent (114) - later in time or order than something else
2. Carousing (103) - to drink and become noisy, especially in a group

1 Significant Quote

“She looks at the pink scars on the back of his hands. ‘I know your house…’ he adds. ‘I know your garden real good cause I dug the pond and poured the cement, and took care of the angel statue looking over it, kept her nice and clean.’” (110)

This quote is very important in this section of the book for many reasons. A very mysterious man walks into the morgue and reveals some very interesting facts. He talks about how deeply he knows Scarpetta. This is very odd to the reader for many reasons. The first reason is that he was the one who found the murdered young boy. This man was fishing and suspiciously found the young boy that has been in the news deep in the marsh. Also, Scarpetta has experienced many situations like this that have unfortunately ended up bad for her. She has been stalked and victimized before this and all the prior situations ended up violently. With these experiences in mind, she is very aware of the actions that he makes and the appearance that he presents. The scares all over his body give me as the reader a feeling of uneasiness about this man. He seems to know a little too much about her and has a very suspicious reason to be there. Also, later on in the section, he asks if he could volunteer there. Although he seems nice, I think that this can only end badly.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Section 1: Post A

2 Vocab Words:

1. Lividity - with buish bruised color (pg. 9)
2. Paramour - a lover, especially one in a relationship with a married person (pg. 49)

Significant Quote:

“‘So he forced her to drink alcohol, perhaps all afternoon, all night, and into the early morning, and she was so frightened her food didn’t digest? That’s what you’re offering us as a possible explanation?’” (pg. 14)

This quote explains the entire background of the case that is unfolding. This was said by Captain Poma who is the lead detective in the case. During the case, many mysteries arise including this one. The body was found with undigested food in her stomach and a still very high blood alcohol level. Although this may be true, Kay Scarpetta, who is the main character, thinks the she died many house before that. Her reasoning is explained in the quote and it very believable. This quote is both important to the reader and to the plot of the story.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Book Approval

1. Book of the Dead by Patricia Cornwell
2. Published in 2007
3. This book is fiction.
4. This book is 405 pages.
5. The evidence that this book is challenging was the recommendation and description of the book by the person at Barnes and Nobel. Also, I flipped through the book and the use of language was very challenging for me.
6. I chose this book for two main reasons. The first being that I wanted a mystery book. I enjoy reading mysteries because I feel like the keep me into the book and wanting to read more. Also, this book was the first recommendation by the staff at Barnes and Nobel which to me means that it must be pretty good.