Thursday, November 29, 2007

Debate Blog

Teacher and student about late assignment.
· Occur usually in a classroom
· Purpose: To receive credit for an assignment
· Does not help to arrive at a better decision usually
· Unstructured
· Makes you complete assignments on time

Court Case
Occur in a court room
Purpose: To convict someone or to receive a payment
Usually helps to arrive at a better decision
Effects decision making process because there is a judge

With Parents
· Occurs usually on the phone or in your house
· Purpose: To receive something, go somewhere, or get out of something
· Does not usually help you reach a better decision
· Unstructured
· Decisions are made less in favor of you when the debate continues

With Friends
· Occurs many places: school, home, ect. . .
· Purpose: To convince them of something or to get your way
· Can go either way with the decision
· Unstructured
· Decisions are up to you or your friend

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