Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Section 5: Post B

During this section many small but important events happen. Some ground-breaking news surrounding the murdered tennis player emerges. They start to unravel the facts that have to deal with the events that led up to her murder. The investigators believe that she was unconcious the whole time, while Scarpetta believes that she was awake the whole time. The evidence again goes back to the fact that she still had a blood alcohol level which suggests that she was drinking just before her death. While this argument continues, something very dramatic occurs. Marino tries to commit suicide. He does this by attempting to overdose on oxycodone. Scarpetta catches him before the damage is done, but the affects of his decision are very evident. He is questioned and denies that his intent was to kill himself. His story says that he only took two more than normal and that he had pain in his knee is why he took it. Scarpetts doesn't buy it and sends him to the EMT. Because of this incident, he is taken of the case. Unfortunately for the others on the case, he holds very important knowledge that could possibly lead to solving the case. Since he is off the case, the team is dramatically set back and needs to somehow recover from this. It is going to be hard since they are short handed, but hopefully, another break-through will come soon. 

Section 5: Post A

2 Vocabulary Words

1) Deoxygenated - remove oxygen from (pg. 226)
2) Oxyhemoglobin - a bright red substance formed by the combination of hemoglobin with oxygen, present in oxygenated blood. 

1 Significant Quote

". . . She looks down at the source of the sound. Marino's bass boat is gone, and bright orange bumpers rock against the pilings in dull thuds. 

This quote explains the mysteriousness of some of the events that occur. Previously, a stocker has been looking out of her window. Now, she actually notices a sign of the stocker. He stole Marino's boat and vanished this time. During this section, the author jumped back and forth between the normal events of the book and this scene. This technique makes this scene much more dramatic. It stretches it out and makes the reader keep reading. This quotes may not seem significant, but it is the first time that she notices someone is watching her. Because she now knows this, the events in the book are going to dramatically change. 

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Section 4: Post B

To summarize the events that occurred in this section in one word, I would say essential. The events that took place during this section really brought a lot of things together. Up to this point, I was very confused with who was who and what was going on. But, with the help of this section many things fell into place. When the writer described the conversation that two people were having and only gave one of the names and at the very end of the chapter it says who was actually talking the whole time, it makes you want to go back and read the section over. Now that I actually know who is who I have received a greater understanding for the book. Because this book was a part of a series and I had not read the previous books, I felt that I was a little behind. Some of the reoccurring characters were throwing me off course. During the section, Dr. Self, who is an important character, reveals her true self to the reader. She is a very wealthy woman, who unfortunately, does not have a good relationship with her mother. She drives an extremely nice Ferrari and has money to just throw away. The reader also finds out that she has a brain tumor and is visiting a very prestige hospital. She also may hold vital information to the case involving the murder of the star tennis player. This piece of information may hold the key to unlocking the entire case and catching the murderer before they strike again.

Section 4: Post A

2 Vocabulary Words

1. Hypothalamus (pg 137) - a central area on the underside of the brain, controlling involuntary functions such as body temperature and the release of hormones

2. Excommunicate (pg 143) - to exclude a baptized Christian from taking part in Communion because of doctrine or moral behavior that is adjudged to offend against God or the Christian community

Write a sentence in which you describe one emerging theme of the book.

One emerging theme in the book would be the theme of death or sadness. To describe this theme in one sentence I would describe the death that surrounds the main character and all the people that die during the first few sections of the book.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Section 3: Post B

During this section of the book, a very important event occurs. The author cuts into the story line and breaks off into this event happening in a beach house. Although we have no idea who this woman is or this mysterious man named Will is, all we know is that this event is very important. While this woman is watching a movie, the author describes a man, standing outside her window. He is watching her and has been for many months. He knows her routine every move she is going to make. He knows this for two reasons. One, he has been stalking her outside her own house for many months, and two, because she does the same thing over and over again every night. The one key passage throughout this series of events is when she forgets the alarm is set and sets it off. Of course the cops com because her alarm went off and she tells them that she has forgotten the code because of how drunk she is. Will, who is hiding in the bushes right next to the door, hears every word she says. She tells the cops she remembered the code and that it is buttermilk. Now, the man who has been stalking her has the code to get into her house. By this section I can now predict the future events in this book. The scenes in the book where the author cuts into the action with a mysterious set of events like this, have always been vital to the rest of the plot.

Section 3: Post A

2 Vocabulary

1. Echocardiogram (138) - an instrument employing reflected ultrasonic waves to examine the structures and functioning of the heart.
2. Neurophysiologist (149) - the branch of physiology that studies how the nervous system functions

1 Significant Quote

“Through a space between the window and the shade he has watched her on and off for months, watched her pace and cry and pull out her hair.” (128 -129)

To someone who is reading this quote without having read the book so far, this quote might seem a little dull and of no importance. But really, this quote means much more. A technique that this writer uses is very interesting. She likes to give the reader a little preview about what is to come and give it in a different perspective. This quote for example, is describing the stalker that has been watching this woman for months now. He knows a very unusual amount of information about her and is a very shady character. This technique has been used throughout the book and all of them have turned our to be events that change the course of the book.