Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Section 5: Post A

2 Vocabulary Words

1) Deoxygenated - remove oxygen from (pg. 226)
2) Oxyhemoglobin - a bright red substance formed by the combination of hemoglobin with oxygen, present in oxygenated blood. 

1 Significant Quote

". . . She looks down at the source of the sound. Marino's bass boat is gone, and bright orange bumpers rock against the pilings in dull thuds. 

This quote explains the mysteriousness of some of the events that occur. Previously, a stocker has been looking out of her window. Now, she actually notices a sign of the stocker. He stole Marino's boat and vanished this time. During this section, the author jumped back and forth between the normal events of the book and this scene. This technique makes this scene much more dramatic. It stretches it out and makes the reader keep reading. This quotes may not seem significant, but it is the first time that she notices someone is watching her. Because she now knows this, the events in the book are going to dramatically change. 

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