Sunday, October 7, 2007

Section 3: Part 2

So far in this book I have many reactions. To me, it really feels like he stresses the not-so important aspects of his life so far. Maybe these little details are important to him and stick out in his mind, but so far the events that have been focused on the most are very small in comparison to some of the events happening. I think that the books strengths are the ability to keep the reader reading. Some people like to call this a “page turner.” While I read, the weakness that I have been noticing is that the author likes to jump around a lot. Whether that is back in time are in a day dream, there is a lot of jumping. In my case I have never experienced anything this dramatic. I have a huge amount of respect for Dave Eggers because of the courage he must have had during these times. He has been fully capable of taking care of his little brother while managing his own busy life as well. I can barely manage my school life with my sports life. It just amazes me how he does this. So far I cannot really predict anything at the moment. With all the jumping around in the middle of the page, it is really hard to catch any foreshadowing. I do think that this is a technique that he uses to keep you reading. I am really enjoying this book so far and look forward to continuing.

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