Sunday, October 21, 2007

Part 5: Summary


In the fifth section of this book, Mr. Eggers interviews for a spot on MTV’s The Real Word. The majority of the section is revolved around the interview that he has with a person from MTV. The woman asks many questions, trying to get a look at what he is like. The questions consist of everything involving his parents to his childhood. As the reader, I get a look at some of the things that he has not described yet. When he goes into the interview, he has mixed reactions. He thinks to himself, what if I actually make it? To him, he believes that he can be the tragic person of the group. Because of his hardships, he thinks that he’ll make a good candidate for the show. The stories that he tells to the interviewer are all based around how hard his life was for him. He tells stories about his parents dying and taking care of his brother. Unfortunately he does not make the cut for the show. The interviewer lets him now how close he was to making it, but a man named Judd beat him to it.

Personal Reaction

My personal reaction to this section is a good one. I think that this interview was a way for Mr. Eggers to tell the reader some details about his life that he couldn’t find a way to fit into the story otherwise. The interview gives some key facts about his life that let the reader piece some things together not only about him but the other characters in the book as well. When he actually decides to go to the interview, he believes that this is kind of a joke. A bunch of people that he works with were talking about it at work at he decides to go in and give it a try. For me, I think this is fate. Although he doesn’t make the show, he gets the opportunity to share his story. For him, getting to share his story is the most important thing to him. That is why he chose to interview for the show. He wanted to share his story of hardships with the American viewers. I don’t think that he would have made a good person on the show because he really isn’t that unique. He stories are not that interesting to most viewers. Some people on that show are very unique and have stories that you can’t help but listen to.

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