Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Sea Inside: Post 3

There were many different scenes where the camera technique gave me as the viewer a greater understanding of the film. One very good example of this would be when the camera zoomed up on Ramon’s hand and Julia’s hand. The significance of this shot explains the condition that Ramon is in. During this scene, Ramon is telling Julia that for him, five feet is an impossible journey. While he is saying this, there is an extreme close-up on the two hands lying next to each other, not touching. Another example of film technique would be Ramon lying on the bed and everyone looking down on him. The people that are in power or are angry at the time are always standing up and the viewer is looking down on Ramon. This gives the perspective that Roman is weak and powerless. When Julia is there she is always at the same level that he is. She is usually sitting in a chair or on his bed side so that she doesn’t seem overpowering to Ramon. Although this may seem very subtle to some viewers, if you pay attention, it is very clear what the director is trying to get across.

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