Monday, October 8, 2007


I have many reactions on this unique memoir. As a person who is very “book ADD,” I found this book a little bit hard to follow at times. Towards the beginning of the book it was hard to tell whether he was dreaming or not. Some of the times he would be actually recalling a memory that he had once had, and other times he would be dreaming of something that he wishes he could do. Also, the “hidden message” that I felt like I was suppose to get, didn’t really hit me like I thought that it would. Sometimes I felt like there is something I should be getting out of this chapter and it never came. Although I really enjoyed the overall message, I really wanted to understand what he was trying to get across to me as the reader. During some parts of the book I was really interested and wanted to continue reading, while other parts I really wanted to stop. I think that some of this has to do with none of us have any idea what he is going through. The tiniest imperfections or the slightest memories may jump out at him because of the time that he has on his hands. Being stuck in a bed for the rest of your life, you might start remembering some details you never thought possible. After I finished reading this book, I felt extremely privileged to be capable to even talk or walk. As cheesy as it sounds I really began to appreciate the big and the little things happening in my life. It doesn’t matter whether it’s waking up in the morning and brushing my teeth, or eating that delicious hamburger, I really have begun to think that I could be like Jean-Dominique Bauby and be stuck in a bed for as long as I live.

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