Thursday, October 25, 2007

Final Section Summary


In the final section of this book, Dave learns the fate of many things in his life. The first one being that he doesn’t make the cut for the Real World. Although he has a great interview and shares many of his deep stories with the interviewer, he is not chosen. He may view this decision as a bad one, but for the overall well being of Toph and the connection with his family, it was a good outcome. The second event that Dave learns about fate in is his magazine Might. He and his crew try to pull off a stunt that could either make or break his magazine. Their plan is to fake the death of a celebrity so that they have the final interview with him. This way their magazine will get a lot of publicity and be seen in the news. For Dave and his crew, this is a fabulous idea that ends up blowing up in their face. As soon as they make their first copy, someone in the media gets a hold of it and immediately calls Might magazine for more information. Words gets around to his family and to others who are associated with him and they are forced to back down from their plan. The celebrity is Adam Rich and unfortunately he does not come out very well in the public’s eye. They view him as someone who as just tried to get his name in the media again. When things are all straightened out, Might magazine is no more.

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