Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Section 2: Post B

The second section of the book is focused on the mysterious man that enters the plot. While the employees at the morgue are experiencing a normal day, a very suspicious looking man walks into the room. He appears to have recently experienced a brutal attack by the looks of the vast amounts of scars on his arms, hands, and legs. Although he based the background check, he still gives me as the reader a very uneasy feeling. The thing that made that uneasy feeling turn into reality was when he described in detail where Scarpetta lives. According to his story, he used to work for the family that lived there. Also, this man was the one who discovered the murdered boy in the water. Even though he says that he has nothing to do with it, he is a very shady looking man. Another reason why this man could be potentially bad is that he has been to jail for possession. The story that he tells says that he was going to smoke marijuana and some random person came up from behind him and slashed him with a knife over and over. When he tells this story to the investigators they don’t quite buy it. One reason is that they never found the marijuana and the second is that he has way too many scars to have been attacked without defending. In my opinion, I think that this man has a lot more to do with the story than he appears to.

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