Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Section 1: Post A

2 Vocab Words:

1. Lividity - with buish bruised color (pg. 9)
2. Paramour - a lover, especially one in a relationship with a married person (pg. 49)

Significant Quote:

“‘So he forced her to drink alcohol, perhaps all afternoon, all night, and into the early morning, and she was so frightened her food didn’t digest? That’s what you’re offering us as a possible explanation?’” (pg. 14)

This quote explains the entire background of the case that is unfolding. This was said by Captain Poma who is the lead detective in the case. During the case, many mysteries arise including this one. The body was found with undigested food in her stomach and a still very high blood alcohol level. Although this may be true, Kay Scarpetta, who is the main character, thinks the she died many house before that. Her reasoning is explained in the quote and it very believable. This quote is both important to the reader and to the plot of the story.

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