Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Section 1: Post B

Throughout the first section, many important details were brought to the reader’s attention. The first section of the book was setting the plot and establishing the setting. A mysterious murder has struck the world. A very famous and publicized tennis player was suddenly murdered. Along with the many other cases that are pilling up on Scarpetta’s desk, this one seems to be the most important. The killer seems to have a very well known sense of what he is doing. The contents in her stomach seem to be only partially digested which lead the detectives to believe that she was recently killed. Also, her blood alcohol level was still very high. The killer planned both of these situations out. The stress that he imposed on her caused the food in her stomach to not digest. Also, he forced her to drink with him which kept her alcohol level consistent. “‘So he forced her to drink alcohol, perhaps all afternoon, all night, and into the early morning, and she was so frightened her food didn’t digest? That’s what you’re offering us as a possible explanation?’” (pg. 14). This quote explains everything that was planned out. The killer is very smart and definitely knows what he/she is doing. Another key part to the section was the marriage that Scarpetta experienced. Although she had been seeing the guy for some time, they recently got married. This may influence her decision making and although she is a professional, it may fog her mind.

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