Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Section 7: Post B

Post B

During this section a suspect is found. They pin the murder on him based on the fact that he knew Drew, the famous tennis player. The problem with them accusing him, was that Scarpetta knew him personally. She knows that the real killer is still out there and could kill again. They go as far as sending him to jail. When the truth is revealed by Scarpetta, things begin to collapse in on themselves. Drew's mother was actually in on it whether she knew it or not. Drew's mom was trying to find out some personal information about her own daughter and was emailing the killer the whole time acting as Drew. When the Killer, known as the Sandman, found Drew and kidnapped her, the mother panicked. There were many theories at the end of the book, including this one. They also theorized that she knew that killer and didn't want to tell her friends about him, thinking that they would steal this good looking guy from them. Another theory is that she ended a previous relationship with a coach of hers. The theory goes that just before the tournament that she was suppose to play in, she fired and broke up with her coach, who she had been "dating." The coach took it personally and took matters into his own hands. The thing that I don't like about the book is that they never actually solved any of the cases. There were theories but nothing ever gave the reader any satisfaction. If i had a choice, I would not read any more of her books. 

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