Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Section 6: Post B

Post B

In this section some "back stabbing" occurs. Scarpetta finds out that Dr. Self is manipulating every aspect of this case. Dr. Self is determined to take revenge on Scarpette because earlier she testified against her and Dr. Self lost. It has become very obvious that Dr. Self has something to do with the murders that are have taken place. She has her own television show so she is able to mess with her guest's heads while keeping her own dark secrets locked away where no one can get to them. She has people come on her show and tell stories that are sad so that she looks like a "healer" when she helps them with their problems. Dr. Self is so determined to get back at Scarpetta she is even willing to kill her. A man that goes by the Sandman has been emailing Dr. Self. Scarpetta's very intelligent niece has hacked into Dr. Self's computer and has been able to read her emails for some time now. The emails are very interesting and reveal very vital informations. They show that Dr. Self has known about and was involved in the murder of Drew, the famous tennis player. The Sandman has been sending her pictures of the murders and she has been responding. The Sandman has received this name because of the sand that he fills the victims eyes with after he kills them. The name alone on the email address gave him away instantly.  

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